Automated Testing: Integration Tests


Unit testing help us to test, as the name says, a unit of funtionality. This unit is a method in a class that interacts only with attributes of the own class. In case that the class method interacts with another class that is provided externally, like a repository to an application service, then we are talking about integration testing.

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Automated Testing: Unit Tests


Automated testing is today a mandatory topic in software development. It allows us to begin crafting the shape of software under construction. It provides confidence on changes applied and refactoring made. Also improves testability of applications. Multiple frameworks exists to execute unit testing in different development tools.

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Organizational Change Management and Context Changes


It’s known that context changes generate waste in doing tasks. But this is true if you are planning to go back on those tasks to finish them, unless you never come back to finish the work. In that case, from the unattended task point of view, the waste is infinite assuming not cancellation.

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Business Architecture: The Missing Link


Strategy is a long-term statement that guides enterprises. Along with vision, values and purpose, it defines the framework that organizations adopt and the structure they adhere as living beings. Then, this constraint spreads to all members, setting a path and rules to follow. In this context there is a lack of orchestration regarding governance of transformations.

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Journey to the cloud using the 6 R’s


Migration to the cloud is a very important topic for IT departments but also for the business areas and the companies as a whole. All stakeholders need help to make decisions when deciding how to migrate applications based on business requirements, costs and technology to the cloud. That cloud can be any of the currently available, considering IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services.

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Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix applied to working personal Kanban


I have 10+ years of experience in software engineering, but only in the last 6 years I’ve been practicing Agile. Since then, complementing those practices has become a permanent task allowing me to discover many advantages and disadvantages of being an advocate to Agile. My main focus is to simplify my life, both personal and working, so I’m always looking ways to be more efficient. Currently I use a personal Kanban at work for my own tasks given the nature of my role as Software Architect, participating in many projects at a time.

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